Cloud Sync Tool (CST) for Data Storage and File Sharing

The Cloud Sync Tool is a cloud-based filing system for any kind of document that is accessible to the user through any device with Internet access.

Features and Benefits:

  • Encryption of stored Data – HIPAA compliant
  • Files structured as the user pleases – All files are defined and assigned security levels as needed
  • Files accessible from any device – all devices are updated or synchronized any time files are updated
  • Large files can be shared as a link just for viewing or as a document
  • Cloud Sync Tool Makes Offices More Productive – We have references to prove it!

The System C.A.R.E Inc. Cloud Sync Tool (CST) provides a means of storing and sharing files in the cloud. It can be branded with your company logo (like a Web page) and can be set up so all administration of files and folders, including user permissions and accounts, are under the direction of the company administrator.

The System C.A.R.E Inc. CST allows you to share files with users outside your organization, provides for expiration of shared files if desired, and is HIPAA compliant – unlike other FREE file sharing services. And how much qualified support can you get from your vendor that supplies FREE Software or tools?

A recent Forrester survey found that 50% of IT decision-makers at US enterprises felt that file syncing and sharing tools make employees more efficient in all aspects of their daily work. Here are five ways the System C.A.R.E Inc. Cloud Sync Tool can transform the way associates / employees collaborate and do business:

  1. Enable mobile access to the files or the file server from any device. Cloud-enabling files on a file server by installing a sync agent and mapping to a folder that automatically syncs with users’ devices. All additions, edits, and deletions are synced between users’ devices and the server.
  2. Securely share documents with internal and external parties. Email or basic file sharing services are not designed for professional use. System C.A.R.E Inc. CST gives companies with security requirements peace of mind such as setting expiration dates for shared files, limiting the number of times a file is downloaded, receive notifications whenever a file is downloaded, and being able to track and monitor all account activities.
  3. Simplify collaboration and the file sharing workflow. Team shares make it easy for organizations. Team shares are folders that multiple people can access and save files to. CST also presents the best way for companies to share files externally.
  4. Keep important data backed up. Yes, the System C.A.R.E Inc. CST can also provide backups for files and folders to protect from losing data. Unlike other FREE file sharing services and consumer-grade products, CST allows users to specify certain folders to back up to the cloud even if these folders do not reside within a user’s synced folder.
  5. Reduce overhead and increase output. The System C.A.R.E Inc. CST can be used on Windows, Apple, and any smart phone devices. Employees can enjoy easy sharing and collaboration across their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, while administrators can rest assured knowing that important data is always securely stored and protected. In short, with System C.A.R.E Inc. CST, organizations can unlock secure, team-friendly collaboration, without the hassles and costs associated with more complex solutions.

To our prospective customers who are ready to move their data to the cloud, we would like to offer you a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment and cost analysis. This Assessment has three parts:

  1. Cost Analysis and Inventory.
  2. Health Check.
  3. Cloud Readiness.