System C.A.R.E Inc. is qualified to provide complete setup & support of NComputing Technology at your business or educational institution.

NComputing is virtual desktop infrastructure that connects multiple end-users to a single device that is mounted on a monitor or desktop. The new L300 virtual desktop with vSpace™ Server desktop virtualization software can manage up to 100 users from a single computer.



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Benefits of the L300 Virtual Desktop
The obvious main benefit of the L300 virtual desktop is the positive impact on your budget. Your business or institution saves on deployment costs, ongoing management costs, and employee/student desktop PC costs. Whenever there is a need for a PC upgrade, only one workstation needs to be replaced rather than a fleet of computers.

The L300 NComputing device has high performance multimedia playback. Equipped with the Numo System-on-Chip (SoC), the L300 works with the host PC or server’s GPU then decodes and scales multimedia locally, eliminating network strain so all users can enjoy DVD-quality video.

In addition, the L300 enables USB 2.0 connections without local management of drivers. The USB 2.0 ports transparently redirect devices such as printers back to the main workstation.