Security Presentations & Training Programs

System C.A.R.E Inc has put together several training sessions to keep clients informed and help protect your business. These programs have been developed out of our auditing process that we perform for our security and compliance programs, which helps us understand the environment and assess the controls in place.

Cyber Security Training For Businesses

Here are the SECURE C.A.R.E Inc training programs offered:

Security standards for your company’s staff and new employees, and making sure these standards are included in your Employee Manual:

  • Passwords, Outlook/Email usage, recognizing SPAM and Phishing, File and Folder Structure
Training Program Outline:  

We provide general or specific training customized for your business.

General Security Introduction:

  • Why is this Security Training important?
  • Examples & Statistics

Protecting Yourself:

  • Be Aware
  • Report any issues immediately
  • SPAM
    • Recognizing SPAM emails, websites, phone calls
    • What to do if you get SPAM
  •  Duties / Habits
    • PC Encryption
    • Strong Passwords
    • Power Plan
    • Forced logoff

Company Requirements:

    • Company  Policies
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Disaster Recovery Plan

Contact us today and sign up for our SECURE C.A.R.E program. We will provide a complete Security Assessment, followed by a customized Security Training program for your staff. Let’s work together to protect your business so you can focus on growing your business.

System C.A.R.E Inc is concerned and focused on security issues and prevention of attacks or incidents. You can hardly look at tech news without seeing reports of viruses, Trojans, data breaches, ransomware, remote hacking, and some intrusions that could lead to identity and money theft. It was reported that ransomware attacks increased considerably in the past year (638 million attacks), compared to 3.8 million ransomware attacks reported by SonicWall in 2015.

Beyond the staggering volume of the attacks, there’s the huge sums of money that individuals and organizations paid to (hopefully) get their files decrypted. Though it’s difficult to give a truly accurate total — not everyone hit by ransomware is keen to talk about such incidents — SonicWall’s report estimates that around $209 million in ransoms were paid in the first quarter of last year.

There are always new scams and now there is even a place where hackers can buy Ransomware and modify it to their liking. These threats are not only targeted at computers and networks, but also can be transmitted to smartphones and tablets via malicious texts or photos. Safeguards need to be in place so that employees know the dangers and can avoid inviting some of these attacks into the workplace.