To assure the best, it’s wise to plan for the worst

To assure the best, it’s wise to plan for the worst

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Fortify your data and your business with Back Up and Recovery that includes security for your email and systems. Alleviate fears about losing your business to a natural or man-made disaster, with a reliable partner in comprehensive Business Continuity.

System Care has the expert professionals you can rely on to ensure your entire business is safe from disaster. Our data backup and computer hard drive backup solutions give you the power to achieve your goals, no matter what comes your way.

Whether your company needs Offsite Data Backup and Recovery Services, Online Backup, Hard Drive and Data Backup, Computer Backup, Online Disaster Recovery Plan, Virtual Data Recovery, Hard Drive and File Data Recovery, Computer Recovery, Remote Data Backup, or Business Continuity Plan, we offer solutions you can count on.

Don’t let an accident or disaster irreparably damage your business. Get a Disaster Recovery and Data Backup solution that will allow you to stay on track, no matter what comes your way.

System Care has you covered:
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning – customized for your business needs
Data backup and recovery – to “bullet proof” your mission-critical data files
Fast recovery for files and email – get back to business quickly
Virtualization of failed servers – reduces downtime from days to hours
Remote offsite storage – ensures data security and compliance
Built-in archiving – more cost-effective and reliable than tape
24/7 monitoring and management – ensures data integrity

Eliminate Computer Problems

Optimize Your Business Technology

Maintain Your IT System For Growth & Success

  • Spend the time necessary to consider your business requirements, your needs and your budget.
  • Deliver only IT services that YOU want, not what we assume you should have.
  • Prevent potential disasters in computer support such as data loss and down time from taking place.
  • Hold firm on all that we advise by offering a 100% guarantee.
  • Provide you with PEACE OF MIND knowing your systems are optimized and completely secure.