No, it’s not like a hot air balloon for your business.

When someone is referring to “the cloud”, they aren’t suggesting your business software and data are floating about somewhere in the heavenly blue. Cloud computing is the process of accessing computer programs, storing data, and accessing data via the Internet – or cloud – rather than using your own computer to run the program or taking up space on your computer’s hard drive. The advancements in technology and Internet connectivity have made cloud computing very desirable for businesses seeking the most cost-effective way to use computer resources, store and access data in their network. With cloud computing, a business can pay for “computing power” without having the exorbitant costs of installing, hosting and supporting it. Businesses are therefore leveraging the power of the cloud, and the deeper resources available, to enhance business connectivity and collaboration with clients and vendors, and essentially improve the productivity and performance of their business operations. Above all (and no ‘cloud’ pun intended), they are dynamically gaining access with mobility and connectivity across geographic locations, and with storage security and backup not vulnerable to on-site server failures or firewall breach. We have years of experience deploying cloud solutions for our clients, and our technicians can tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Are you seeking a cost effective solution to store and access data for your business?

Welcome to cloud computing!

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Below is a sampling of cloud computing applications (also called SaaS or “Software as a Service”) that you may already be using.

  • Gmail, Hotmail or other free email accounts
  • Facebook
  • NetSuite, Salesforce
  • Constant Contact, Exact Target, AWeber or other e-mail broadcasting services
  • Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey and other survey tools
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • All things Google (Search, AdWords, Maps, etc.)

Almost every application you use today can be (or already is) available “in the cloud” where you can access it and pay for it via your browser for a monthly fee.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • A shift in IT Spending – less capital purchases – monthly service charges
  • Ability to access your desktop and/or applications from anywhere and any device
  • Disaster recovery and backup can be automated
  • Time is reduced to set up new employees

Other Benefits possible:

  • Less data transfers and data storage
  • Simplified software maintenance contracts
  • Fewer to Zero Installations and Conversions
  • Use it without having to “own” it
  • It’s a “greener” technology that will save on power and your electric bill
  • Security and Redundancy are offered

Cloud Storage Services for Our Business Clients

Cloud data storage and backup solutions provide businesses the option to house unlimited amounts of data – any file type, any size. This allows restoration of documents, images or backup files as needed or planned. Our Cloud Storage solutions are provided by utilizing industry certified and preferred partner products and using SSAE-16 compliant Data Centers. Cloud Data Storage Solutions are delivered to clients based on access, size and restoration requirements desired. System C.A.R.E Inc. offers cloud storage solutions that are scaled to fit your business needs. We currently offer our customers our exclusive Cloud Sync Tool and our newest service WebTop Cloud Care (WebTopCC).

System C.A.R.E IT Consulting Services
“Words, graphics and data are the lifeblood of our public relations business. And we pride ourselves on quick turnaround for our clients. The primary tool for serving them is our computer network. Without it, we’re dead in the water. A few months after installing our BDR Backup System, we had a hardware failure on our file server. The System C.A.R.E Inc. team quickly got us back up and running by setting the BDR up as a virtual server until our new hardware could be ordered, shipped and installed. This enabled our firm to keep working – and most importantly, it was seamless to our clients. Without the BDR, we would have lost weeks of work and thousands of dollars to recreate it.”Brad W. Kostka Senior Vice President Roop & Co.