Cloud Services

Types of Cloud Solutions

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There are different types of cloud solutions to consider before moving to the cloud. Below is a comparison of pure cloud, public, private, and hybrid cloud options. System Care will work with you to design a cloud package that best fits your business needs, such as level of security and management, applications and data storage.

Pure Cloud Computing
Where all your applications and data are put on the other side of the firewall (in the cloud) and accessed through various devices (laptops, desktops, iPads, phones) via the Internet.

Community or Public & Private Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud enables you to put certain pieces of existing IT infrastructure (say, storage and e-mail) in the cloud, and the remainder of the IT infrastructure stays on premise. This gives you the ability to enjoy the costs savings and benefits of cloud computing where it makes the most sense without risking your entire environment.

Private Cloud Solutions
This option puts certain applications, like SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange, in the cloud while keeping everything else onsite. Since email is usually a critical application that everyone needs and wants access to on the road and on various devices (iPad, smart phone, etc.) then often this is a great way to get advanced features of Microsoft Exchange without the cost of installing and supporting your own in-house Exchange server.

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud
A public cloud is a service that anyone can tap into with a network connection and a credit card. They are shared infrastructures that allow you to pay-as-you-go and managed through a self-service web portal. Private clouds are essentially self-built infrastructures that mimic public cloud services, but are on premise. Private clouds are often the choice of companies who want the benefits of cloud computing, but don’t want their data held in a public environment.